No. 6: Your Life is Not a Journey, The Day I Became a Millionaire & The Art of Stillness

Hello and welcome to this week’s Curious Catalog, a weekly collection of three useful gems for life, work and everything in between. Follow along by subscribing to this blog.

Photo courtesy of Drew Graham.

Your Life Is Not A Journey

Video (4 Minutes)

Most of us see our lives as a series of events, happening one after another. We think in terms of “what got us here” and “what will get us there”. We are often trying to get somewhere; to arrive at something, a destination, a point in life when. Alan Watts invites us to observe the playful nature of the universe and see, from the lens of music, that life is not a journey, a pilgrimage or a mission. Life is more like a song or a dance; its purpose is not to get to its end, but the music itself. Can you hear the music playing in your life? Are you singing? Are you dancing?

The Day I Became A Millionaire

Article (7 Minutes)

Remember the time when you were dreaming about that must-have gadget, that coveted promotion at work or that new person to fall in love with? Remember fantasizing about how happy you would be when your dreams finally come true? You’d be on top of the world! But for how long? That boost in happiness somehow eluded you and just right before the sparks completely fade, you’re back on the treadmill – dreaming of the next promise of lasting happiness. If you’re one of the millions of people who have the basics taken cared of, but who still yearn for the treasure perceived to be behind the curtain, read this millionaire’s story and take stock. You might already be experiencing the best things in life. So, don’t let them pass you by. Make them count.

The Art of Stillness


We live in a madly accelerating world, in an age of perpetual motion – making it increasingly difficult, yet increasingly imperative to honor stillness. It is only by taking oneself away from noise, clutter and distraction – by going Nowhere – that one can begin to make sense of everywhere else. Going Nowhere is choosing to sit still long enough to turn inward, strip you off yourself and connect with something larger, deeper and infinite. Going nowhere isn’t about turning your back on the world; it’s about stepping away every now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply. The next time you’re thinking of ideas where to go on your next vacation, why don’t you try Nowhere?

A quote I’m thinking about…

We dream of the perfect wave, the perfect job, the perfect house. When we get there, we dream of something else.
Rob Machado

Which gem resonated with you this week?



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