No. 4: Stop Saying Sorry, Start With Why & Just Ship It

Hello and welcome to this week’s Curious Catalog, a weekly collection of three useful gems for life, work and everything in between. Follow along by subscribing to this blog.

Photo courtesy of Bobby Burch.

Stop Saying Sorry

Comics (1 Minute)

For some of us, saying sorry is a reflex. We apologize for the smallest things out of habit more than out of necessity. Not that we shouldn’t own up and genuinely apologize when we’ve done wrong, but over apologizing can actually lead others to doubt you, lose confidence in your abilities and lessen the perceived sincerity of your next apology. Artist Yao Xiao shows us how to flip the script and change what could be perceived as a negative situation into an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation. Learn to say sorry only when it counts. For everything else, stop saying it and say thank you instead.

Start With Why

Video (18 Minutes)

Everyone knows what they do, some know how they do it, but only a few know why they do what they do. Motivational speaker Simon Sinek has discovered a pattern in how all the great and inspiring people and organizations think, act and communicate. And it is totally opposite to what most of us do. If you want to inspire those around you or find others who inspire you, always start with why.

Just Ship It

Article (2 Minutes)

We were not put on this earth to make perfect things. We were made to do something remarkable with our skills. We were made to create change. For anyone who seeks to do work that matters, you will struggle at some point with releasing your work. You will hesitate. You will stall. And you will endlessly tweak until the work becomes irrelevant. The one thing you and I cannot do anymore is wait because the world can’t be changed by what it doesn’t see. Stop giving in to the fear of failure, let go of that obsession with perfection and embrace “good enough”. Trust me, your work will never feel complete. So, just ship it.

A quote I’m thinking about…

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The purpose of life is to give it away.
David Viscott

Which gem resonated with you this week?



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